Reasons one might find me slightly odd...

Thanks to Dave for the invitation to share some possibly "lame" things that I do and/or enjoy on this new 'Embrace the Lame' Day. Although I seem to be somewhat carefree (I think) in terms of caring what others think of me, so for some of you these are probably well-known. But just so we can all have a giggle at silly Sarah, here we go:

1. Ethiopian food is the greatest thing in the world.
2. The WB makes some great teen drama shows
3. Going to bed early
4. Getting up early
5. The Redwall series -- I bawled at the end of Mattimeo
6. Documentaries
7. non form-fitting pants, perhaps known to some as baggy/ghetto/skater-ish. not all the time, but a girl's gotta have some relief from the skank that is parading as fashion these days.
8. tofu. 'nough said.
9. manual cars that get good gas mileage
10. TLC's "Trauma: Life in the ER"
11. the dictionary is a fascinating book, no lie.
12. (i actually like Justin Timberlake's music)
13. i check my email an obscene amount everyday
14. i hate cellphones
15. That Thing You Do is definitely in the top 5 movie list for me -- i mean, can it get any better than Cap'n Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters??
16. I drive like a 16 year-old boy, i.e. too fast and too crazy...I've been known to scare relatives and other good friends. And I take pride in this, my ability to not drive like a girl. You've been warned.
17. The coupons in the Sunday paper are my friend. Just last week I think I saved over 30 dollars just because of them. Anything to stretch my poor, grad student dollars.
18. I *sometimes* might seem to stalk cute boys that I happen to see. Don't freak out, it's not true stalking, I just like to figure out what they're doing on my floor at school and if there might be a chance that I'll have a class with them. I credit this to the utter lack of anything happening in that department at the moment and the unavoidable fact that crushes, however unrealistic, add a certain fun energy to your day. Even when you know that nothing will ever happen. Please tell me that you can relate to this and that it's not just me...
19. The internet is both a) the bane of my existence and b) the best invention ever, yielding such things as fun commercials, movie trailers, awesome TV show recaps/banter, and quite possible the best parody of Baby Got Back I have ever seen.
20. I actually don't want an ipod...at least at the moment. Call me crazy.

Must...stop...now...could go on all night. And updates are sure to follow, I can guarantee there is much more to share. So what things make you tick? Do tell.


Dave said...

2. It's true. Sad, maybe. But true.

15. "Well, boys, the good news is, you can keep the costumes."

Thanks for playing.

Trav said...

Woah. Justin Timberlake? Didn't see that one coming. But, as a Matchbox Twenty fan, I am not about to throw mud at anyone.

Kristin said...

Hey Justin Timberlake is my...hero? He could be the best singer of all time. And Sarah, of course I am right there with you in "stalking" those boys.

you have been added to my favorites so I can read every day. sweet.

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